Internet Content Filtering

Internet content filtering uses software programs, available since the mid-1990s, that filter or restrict the amount and/or type of content that users have access to when surfing the Internet.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the name for the U.S. global navigation satellite system. Originally created for use by the military, GPS is now appearing in a number of educational, institutional, and consumer products.

Electronic Document Retention

The infusion of technology into schooling presents an emerging issue for educational officials at all levels. Electronic documents, or e-documents, encompass the entire range of digitized or electronically generated information.

Electronic Communication

The growth of the personal computer industry and the Internet has ushered in an “information age,” characterized by individual empowerment and the flattening of geographical and temporal barriers to communication and collaboration.

Distance Learning

Among the numerous definitions for distance learning, three in particular stand out.

Assistive Technology

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (2005), assistive technology (AT) is any device or item, purchased off the shelf or customized...

Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable use policies (AUPs) are sets of rules, regulations, rights, and responsibilities adopted by school officials...