Age Discrimination: Conclusion

2012-10-03 00:51:45 by admin

Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination: Equal Protection Clause

Age Discrimination: age discrimination in employment act (ADEA)

Age Discrimination: Age Discrimination Act of 1975

Age Discrimination: State Laws

As the American population grows older, one can expect increasing challenges to age-based discrimination in the education setting over the coming decades. Financial considerations in tight economic times may lead educational institutions to more frequent hiring and promotion of younger candidates, who are normally less experienced and therefore may draw lesser salaries. In order to avoid legal challenges of this sort, college and university officials should adhere to three key principles. First, institutional policies should formally prohibit consideration of a person’s age in the process of reaching decisions regarding students and employees. Second, administrators in higher education must take steps to prevent subordinates and committees from informally considering the age of applicants and employees when making admission, hiring, promotion, andtenure decisions. Third, if needed, college and university officials should increase in-service training to make all employees, particularly those with decisionmaking responsibility, aware of the legal prohibitions against age discrimination.