Missouri v. Jenkins: The Second Round

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Missouri v. Jenkins

Missouri v. Jenkins: The First Round

Missouri v. Jenkins: The Third Round

In another aspect of the case, in 1986, a federal trial court embarked on a plan to retain and attract nonminority students back to the KCMSD by creating world-class facilities and converting its secondary schools and half of its elementary schools into magnet schools with specialized programs. The court-ordered improvements in school facilities eventually cost over $540 million. The court noted that the substantial expenditures financed air-conditioned high schools with 15 computers in every classroom, a planetarium, radio and television studios with an editing and animation lab, a model United Nations wired to allow language translation, an art gallery, movie editing and screening rooms, vocational facilities, swimming pools, and many other facilities exceeding those available in other school districts.

A year later, in 1987, the trial court ordered the state to fund increased salaries for KCMSD personnel at a cost of over $200 million per year. In 1990, the Supreme Court approved the method used in paying for the expensive improvements in the KCMSD educational system in upholding an order that required the board to increase a school levy to pay for the costs of desegregation (Missouri v. Jenkins II, 1990).